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nGage Events is the leading producer of host based invitation-only business events.

Upcoming Events


ET xChange Summit

October 23-25, 2016


Digital Packaging Summit

Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2016


ET Canada xChange

November 6-8, 2016


IoT6 xChange

November 13-15, 2016


Design Connections Education

December 4-6, 2016


Design Connections Healthcare

February 13-15, 2017


Enterprise HPC

March 19-21, 2017


Inkjet Summit

April 24-26, 2017


ET6 xChange

May 21-23, 2017


Leverage Big Data

June 5-7, 2016

Client Testimonial

  • “This was a unique opportunity to, in a short period of time, learn about the latest offerings in the mobility space, how current challenges are being addressed by the marketplace, and determine what solutions make the most sense for my business. I made great contacts in the mobility space and had a lot of fun all at the same time. It was by far the best use of my time at a conference this year.”

    Director, IT (Attendee)
  • “The content was accurately targeted as were the sponsors and the attendees. I took away so many new ideas and thoughts it was hard to know where to begin once I returned to my workplace. The venue was outstanding and very conducive to the type of exchange presented.”

    Sr. Technical Services Manager (Attendee)
  • “A wonderful mix of highly knowledgeable folks, excellent food and a beautiful venue. Good to see the big players move to a more collaborative solution…Extremely well organized.”

    Chief Medical Officer (Attendee)
  • “At most conferences, the conference is over and your outlook is exactly the same. Because of the way nGage set up this event, we are allowed to have significant one-on-one interaction with folks who have a very wide expertise range and are able to figure out very quickly and easily where it is that you are having difficulty and how best to enable that through mobility.”

    Chief Medical Officer (Attendee)
  • “This is a great group of folks, both panelists and attendees. People who have been in Healthcare IT and talking about mobility for years. The opportunity of having everyone together, the strategists, the analysts, and the people that have to live this every day, at this event has been outstanding, allowing for dialogue and the sharing and comparing of notes.”

    Senior Technology Specialist (Attendee)
  • “We want to know who gets it and who doesn’t. We don’t want to waste our time with people who don’t get it. People at this event have already committed to significant mobile development and deployment next year. They’ve got big budgets. They are big decision makers. They are exactly the kind of people we want to be talking to.”

    COO (Sponsor)
  • “As a start-up this event was valuable, giving us an opportunity to get our name out there, share what we are doing, what our objectives are, what our goals are, and show attendees and partners the market we are serving that is not being server right now.”

    CTO (Sponsor)
  • “I am booked up with 15 appointments and just had 4 people ask me after our session if we can find time to meet. People want to meet over lunch, partner, discuss opportunities…we are getting more feedback and interaction than there are hours in the day.”

    Enterprise Account Executive (Sponsor)
  • “The smaller venue is what it’s all about. You go to tradeshows with thousands and thousands of people, what do you really get out of it? This is more one-on-one time, hearing directly from industry experts, and it’s a great time.”

    Vice President (Attendee)
  • “nGage Events put a great format together with lots of interesting vendors and peers. It is really great to see what my industry peers are doing, where it’s going, what are going to be the next steps and how do we plan for it. There is also cross vertical pollination. It seems like the Healthcare industry on the mobility side seems to be more advanced than the financial industry. I am interested to see what other verticals and early adopters are doing.”

    Vice President (Attendee)
  • “Attendees can expect to walk away with the ‘Playbook’, the 8-9-10 plays that are required to successfully launch an enterprise through mobility. This event model is unique. It’s exclusive and invitation only. This guarantees one-on-one interactive, intimate, discussions. This isn’t an event where you simply sit back and watch PowerPoint presentations. This is an event where you participate in case studies and boardroom meetings, arrive at a consensus and move the ball forward in each of the vertical markets .”

    Industry Chair
  • “The event provided a lot of great information that executives can apply in a practical way to their wireless strategy within their firms. This has been lacking at many other conferences.”

    Industry Expert
  • “This event is more than networking, the format allows you to sit down and roll up your sleeves and work at applying wireless technology to your business model. So we can turn technology and innovation into revenue and profits. This is a working conference and that’s what is truly unique about M3.”

    Industry Expert
  • “The location where M3 is taking place is, in a word, ’WOW’, fabulous and couldn’t be better.”

    Industry Expert


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